We On A Mission

You are ideal and independent – like us. You don’t believe in being told what to do and how to do it. You are not convinced of the borders created by men, nor are you limited by them. You’ve worked your whole life to regain control and ownership of yourself. You could care less about controlling anybody else.

We are not Vietnamese… nor are we American, nor French, nor Brazilian, nor Iranian or Australian. We don’t subscribe to those traditional and problematic notions of nation. Nations give way to conflict.

Vietnam The World Tour aims to challenge ourselves, as well as you, in resolving how we consume and are consumed. We are not a singular brand, we are many brands, and none at all. We are an anti-brand. We don’t identify with icons, we create them and we collaborate with them.

It’s All About Family

We believe in the spirit of the collective and the power of community. Our family is forever expanding. If you’ve talked to us, shared ideas, went on tour, gave feedback, supported us, or let us support you… we consider you family. Say hello to our members and allow us to say hello to you. Let’s start something.


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