Sophie Holding The World Together

This public mural, completed in November 2017, features the signature style of El Mac and a portrait of nine-year-old Sophie Cruz, activist for immigrant rights. #sophieforpresident


Sophie Holding the World Together, 2017

El Mac in collaboration with The Propeller Group

Viet Nam The World Tour

Commissioned by the San Jose Museum of Art

in partnership with Empire Seven STudios and the Children’s Discovery Museum

with support provided by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, University Art, Rad Freese and Brook Hartzell, Beverly and Peter Lipman, Oubliner, Dipti and Rakesh Mathur, Ian Reinhard, and SGSR

“No Te Rindas Esta es la Hora y el Mehor Momento”

“Don’t Give Up This is the Hour and the Best Moment”

“Đừng Bỏ Cuộc Bây giờ là phút giây và khoảnh khắc tuyệt vời nhất”


With support from Task Force and Define America and


Additonal support from the following awesome people.

Accion Adio/Nha Dang

Amy Nelson-Smith

Angela Estrella

Anita Phagan

Anne V. Davis

Arwen Gutierrez

Bekah Caden

Beth Manalac

Beverly and Peter Lipman

Bob Stein

Bridget Mahoney

Bryan J. Franzen

Byron and Elizabeth Ryono

Carlos Romero

Carol Underwood

Carolyn Ramo

Carrie Ferenc

Cat Hicks

Cathleen Fortune

Cecile Forman

Cheryl and Bruce Kiddoo

Chris Bloom

Chris Mengarelli and Dale Elliot

Christian A. Prasch

Cindy Womack

Claire de Louraille

Claire Tsai

Claus S. Kofod

Daniel G. Day

Daniel Sharp

Danielle Wohl

David and Pamela Hornik

Daya Mayi

Dillon Ferenc

Dipti and Rakesh Mathur

Don Woo and Maria Boisvert

Duncan Park

Elisa Camahort

Ellie Curran

Emy Mendoza

Eric Aycock

Erin Badillo

Erin Cavanaugh

Erin Sheelen

Felice Lopiccolo

Frances Jain

Friend . x 3

Gayle Barrios

Gerri Finkelstein-Lurya and Steve Lurya

Harishwar .

Ian Reinhard

James G. Leventhal

Jeff Hilnbrand

Jeff Kao

Jenny Lee/Jennifer Case

Jones Mac

Jose Reyes

Kalyan Neelamraju

Kara Gennis

Kerstin Stone

Kevin Maffris

Kindra Rondeau

Kristin Bertrand

Larry Cheng

Lauren and Doug Dickens

Lauren O. Hailey

Lisa Lubliner

Lisa Sharp

Lys and Lee House

Mahan Harirsaz

Marc Chutczer

Marcy Kulakow

Margaret James

Marion Cohn

Matt Lubetich

Michael G. Arellano

Mike Wu

Nathalie Verma

Nathan .

Niem Tram

Nira Datta

Nurtan Meral

Oscar Garcia

Patton Hindle

Paul Curtin

Peter A.

Phillip Gonzales

Rita and Kent Norton

Rob Faucette

Ronald and Barbara Hansen

Rrick Cantu-Paz

Ryan Norcross/Cathy Holley

Sabrina Rocca

Sayre Batton

Scott Manthey

Sean Kissane

Sevrina and Steven Flores

Shane Brennan

Stephanie Winkler

Steve Natalo

Suzanne Garcia

Suzette Mahr

Tad Freese and Brook Hartzell

Tammy Nguyen

Tara Saha

Taro Kodama

Toby and Barry Fernald

Tom Sargeant

Union Eighteen

Your Buddy


Photo credit:

Eric Heights

Opening Ceremony

March 24, 2018 Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA



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